With the Real Estate market on the rebound, Sellers are able to sell their homes and make a profit. If you’re considering selling your home, I’m here to guide you on how to maximize the selling process to give you not only the best possible price but also the most pleasant experience.

Before we get into the whole process of selling your home, this might be a good time to re-evaluate your reason for selling. Knowing your intention for selling can guide you towards an appropriate selling price, a good time frame to sell the property, and your ultimate goals in the line of real estate.

Once you have determined your motivation for selling and are eager to put your property for sale in the market, you may use the following tips to make the home looks it best:

Tips on House Hunting

1. Pack up your things.

Selling your home means moving out of the property and into a new location. As soon as you have decided to sell, you may already start packing up your things. Start by putting seldom-used items in boxes and sorting your things according to their intended purpose (keep, sell, or give away). You should notice a significant amount of space freed up in your house, making it more ready for the prospective buyers.

2. Remove clutter.

You’ve probably collected a pile of unused things all around the house – stacks of old magazines, toys that your kids have grown out of, or random pieces of paper everywhere. Tidying these things up, removing clutter, and cleaning your house can make the rooms in your house look more spacious and more inviting. A clean home gives the buyer more imagination and has a calming affect so they can picture themselves living there and making it their own.

3. Conduct minor improvements.

Applying a fresh coat of an updated color of paint on your walls can do wonders in making the house look fresh and new to the prospective buyers. You can also do any of the following: clean or replace carpet, repair scratches or refinish wood floors, update any old lighting fixtures, faucets, and door handles. Making your house attractive even with small improvements will give a great first impression and make the buyers “fall in love” the minute they walk in.

4. Create a great curb appeal.

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the exterior of your property as viewed by others from the street. Getting your home ready to sell and catching the eye of a prospective Buyer would include having an attractive array of landscape and flowers with trimmed bushes and an edged lawn, a fresh coat of exterior paint, and a pressure washed driveway and sidewalk.

The most important tip: Hire a broker-real estate agent

Some people have been mistaken to believe that they can handle the entire home selling process by following online tips and document requirements on their own. However, the truth of the matter is, it is very wise to work with a professional Realtor like Polly who can save you time, effort, and money with her expertise in selling homes. She will market your property, secure and negotiate the best offer price, assist you with the real estate documents, work with the Closing Attorney, and ensure the process runs smoothly to satisfy all the timeline requirements in getting you to a successful closing. Polly will ensure that your selling experience is a much more profitable and pleasant one!

Moving To Your Next Home

As you make plans to sell your property, you should already be thinking about where you are going to live next. Polly has assisted in many transactions not only involving the sale of the clients’ properties, but also timing it just right in assisting them in the purchase of their new homes.

As an expert in both buying and selling, Polly can assist you in transitioning to a new home and discuss your financing options and other important details in moving from your current house to the Home of your dreams!

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